Viet Summer School 2013

School Sessions

      June 24 to August 1, 2013

      18 sessions, 2 hours each

      7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

      Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Location: Robert E. Lee High School

      6540 Franconia Road

      Springfield, VA 22150

      Class Room Map

Viet Language Classes

      Traditional Viet Language Classes.

    Organized into 7 grade levels and segregated by student age into classes Example. The program includes the following:
  •       Spelling: How to read a Viet word and pronounce it correctly, and how to write correctly from hearing the spoken word.
  •       Vocabulary: 800 Viet words/phrases taught incrementally from Grade 1 through 6.
  •       Sentences: Grammatical rules taught mainly through pattern matching. Emphasis is placed on the simplest, short and loosely-structured sentences
  •       Reading: 26 stories in 3 levels, from simple picture stories, to 12-panel picture stories, to single page word-only stories.
  •       Verses, Conservations, Social Studies: Extra lessons to introduce the culture.
Vietnamese Language for Online Learning : Before You Know It ( BYKI )
Teaching Assistant (T.A.) program
  •       The Future of VYEA!
  •       Details

Special Announcement
  •        There is some concern regarding a health problem at Robert E Lee High School on 6/21.
          Ms. Gloria Addo-Ayensu, MD, MPH - Fairfax County Director of Health - affirms :
    "There is no risk of exposure to TB by attending any activities at Robert E. Lee High School."
          Click HERE for details of her letter.

  •        Letter from VYEA Board of Directors announces new fee
          Click HERE for details of the announcement.

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